Species: Chakat (x Wolftaur)
Mother: Riverbed
Sire: Northstar
Gender: Herm
Age: 36
Height: 153cm (5 feet)
Eyes: Green


Born of a chakat mother and wolftaur father, Sunspot was a reasonably happy cub. In an effort to help hir mate reconnect with his pack, Riverbed encouraged hir mate to return to his home with hir, and show off the happy family they had become. Tragically, despite Riverbed’s admirable efforts to make the pack like hir, when shi announced that shi was pregnant with hir second cub, shi died in a ‘hunting accident’. Hir denmate, Northstar, was furious with the pack, and got into a fight after accusing them of murder. Sadly, being outnumbered, Northstar was badly beaten and only just managed to drag himself away from the pack. After a few days he happened upon a foxtaur village, and was saved. However, his body never fully healed properly.

Sunspot grew up in the Big Rock village for most of hir life, and is was well versed in foxtaur customs. However, because of hir species, shi was always seen as something of an outsider, who never truly felt like shi fit in. After hir father died around hir 18th birthday, Sunspot decided to leave the village and travel to Chakona to find hir mother’s family. However, because of the nature of foxtaur villages, Sunspot had little money, and was forced to work several odd jobs, including taking a job at a brothel. Eventually shi had saved up enough money to travel to chakona and begin hir search.

Hir search was stalled almost from the get go, with no information and no contacts, Sunspot quickly felt like shi was at a lost. Saddened by hir failure, Sunspot ended up in a BDMS class for chakats, with the hopes of finding a sexual partner interested in the same things as shi. What shi found instead was a friend, Dancer by the Sea, who helped the young chakat find hir way, and find hir family. Although internally grateful, Sunspot realized shi didn’t really fit into hir mother’s family, and shi might have belonged more to hir foxtaur upbringings.

After traveling back to Earth, shi settled in with the clan, and became a full member of the community, eventually taking Zegan, hir best friend and girlfriend from hir youth, as a mate. As a herm, however, shi is legally allowed to fulfil both a male and female role in society, including partaking in obligation from both sides. (Although, for the most part, this is only to keep with the tradition of the thing; no one really expects hir to impregnate any vixens, for example.)

Sunspot has six children; The first three children shi is legally the father to, as they’re products of unions Zegan had with tods through obligation. The fourth child (Bos) is the product of Zegan and hirself, whereas the fifth child (Mirakel) is a product of hirself and a tod through obligation. The final child is a product of a village vixen and hirself, after the vixen requested hir while Sunspot was performing hir obligation. The final child has generated mixed feelings in Sunspot, because of hir own upbringing without a proper family, but more importantly because shi doesn’t want the child not to know of hir heritage like shi did. Unfortunately, due to clan law, shi had no legal recourse to get visitation rights and the mother is less than happy about Sunspot's attempts to be part of her and the child’s lives.

Hir occupation is hunter and clan envoy (because shi has no TAS disability, shi travels to other clans and regions to make deals and such). Sunspot originally joined hir local branch of HH to learn more about hirself as a herm. Now that shi’s older, shi mainly visits to hang with hir friends and immerse hir chakat children in herm culture.

Sunspot has a well-toned build and hir fur is 'fiery' (i.e. a mix of oranges, reds, and yellows) with a large, irregular spot under hir left breast (a medium D-cup). Shi has a moderately masculine sexuality. Shi doesn't wear anything overly fancy – T-shirts mostly or nude where possible.


Character copyright © Honeymane.

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